Vitalica Wellness

An environment prepared for you to relax, unwind and spare time for yourself… Programs inspired by the magical atmosphere of Bodrum, where your health, vitality, tranquility and happiness predominate with one of the highest oxygen levels in the world and in Turkey. A world where you meet yourself as well as tools to manage your health. Vitalica Wellness only offers treatments and practices that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for health! We work in the light of ethical values just as we do in our ethica and estethica hospitals and are aware that offering health services is a serious responsibility. By using the correct diagnostic and treatment methods, we adopt the “first cause no harm” principle. Your program is created “especially for you” after our doctors’ comprehensive evaluations that include laboratory testing and other diagnostic methods. With our strength in advanced technology, we are taking our leading position in the health sector and “healthy beauty” procedures to Vitalica Wellness.


estethica hospitals representing western medicine; Vitalica Wellness programs are prepared by a committee of European, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern Traditional Medicine doctors. Our programs consist of content beyond well-known health centers around the world.

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