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What is Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics is an operation in which problems such as the breast structure is not obvious according to the age, height and weight of the person, it is larger than it should be, it is saggy, it is deformed due to genetic or traumatic reasons. Although the perception of beauty varies every period, the desire of the woman to have voluminous breasts, which are at the forefront, was tried to be answered in the 1700s with substances such as rubber, sebaceous glands, animal cartilage, paraffin. However, these methods both threatened health and did not produce a natural result. In 1962, Dr. Thomas Cronin performed Timmie Jean lindsey's first silicone breast operation, showing that breast aesthetics can give natural and lasting results. In Turkey, Halit Ziya Onuralp is the pioneer in bringing it to the present day in the light of technological developments by performing its first aesthetic operation.

looking at today's technology, which has been called the ‘Millennium Age’ since the beginning of the 2000s, we can see that areas such as science, art, and health have developed quite a lot. Especially in the field of health, the types of aesthetic operations are increasing and multiple procedures are performed both in a short time and with devices that provide faster recovery. Breast aesthetic surgery performed in the field of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift procedures are seen as problems with saggy breasts, large or small breasts in a healthy way, bringing the smiley results that the person imagines.

How to Perform Breast Aesthetics?

First, it is decided which procedure should be performed under the supervision of the doctor. After the controls, the type of prosthesis to be used is decided. As with all surgeries, tests are performed to check if the person is suitable for breast aesthetics. If the patient is suitable, the operation is performed under general anesthesia. If the operation is breast augmentation, a prosthesis is inserted, and if it is breast reduction, as much fat is removed as necessary. While these operations are being performed, an upright operation can also be performed. After the procedures are completed, the breast is wrapped with bandages and the breast aesthetics operation is terminated.

There are more than one type of prosthesis used in breast aesthetic surgery. Therefore, which type of prosthesis to use varies according to the breast structure of the person. Types of prosthesis;

  • Round Prosthesis
  • Drop (Anatomical) Prosthesis

Round Prosthesis Type

Types of round prostheses resemble a hemisphere with a central part. In breast aesthetics, it provides a plump appearance in the milk area. Types of round prostheses resemble a hemisphere with a central part. In breast aesthetics, it provides a plump appearance in the milk area.

Drop (Anatomical) Type of Prosthesis

The type of drop prosthesis, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of raindrops. The lower part has a nasal passage, the upper part has a thin structure. After it is placed on the breast, it forms a plump image on the lower parts.

What are the Types of Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetic operation is not performed only for the person's perception of beauty. Sometimes it is also done for reasons caused by health problems. In general, there are 5 types of breast aesthetic operations when viewed in this direction. These:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lift
  • Breast Reduction in Men (Gynecomastia)
  • Accessory Breast Reception

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

'Augmentation mammoplasty', known as breast augmentation surgery, is a type of operation performed to gain breasts that lose their volume or shrink with age, breasts that are deformed due to sudden weight loss, and breasts that are deformed after birth and are out of proportion to their body type.

In breast augmentation surgery, it is performed by placing a drop-type or round-type silicone prosthesis into the breast tissue. In breast augmentation surgery, silicone prosthesis of drop type or round type is placed in the breast tissue. In breast aesthetics, a prosthesis is placed with an incision to be made around the armpit, under the breast, or around the nipple. The doctor decides which of these three different techniques will be used, taking into account the patient's expectations. Breast augmentation operation, which lasts approximately 1.5, 2 hours, is performed under general anesthesia.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, known as 'reduction mammoplasty', is performed in cases where weight gain is larger than expected due to developmental factors or due to various tumors. Extremely large breasts cause back, neck, shoulder pain, shortness of breath and posture disorder in the body. In breast reduction surgery, which is a type of breast aesthetics, these problems are eliminated by removing excess fat from the breast tissue in order for the person to have a healthier, lighter and aesthetic appearance. In addition, it helps the person to achieve the aesthetic appearance that she dreams of.

breast reduction surgery, it is done by opening an incision in a 5-6 cm vertical single line (vertical) from the nipple to the bottom. A minimal incision is made in the breast aesthetics performed with a vertical line. If more than 1000 g of tissue and skin will be removed from a single breast, an inverted T-shaped incision is made in the breast. If more than 1000 g of tissue and skin will be removed from a single breast, an inverted T-shaped incision is made in the breast. After excess breast tissue taken according to body shape, the nipple is rearranged and placed proportionally in accordance with the new appearance of the chest. Thus, breast reduction surgery is completed.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Mastopexy, known as breast lift, is an operation performed as a result of loss of elasticity of breast tissue, sudden weight loss, hormone imbalance, disfigurement, sagging caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding. In breast lift surgery, which is one of the breast aesthetics, a vertical incision is made around the nipple to the breast fold, and the breast lift is performed on the prosthesis that is under the forehead. Breast lift operations can be performed together with a reduction for those with a large and sagging breast, and for people with hollow and sagging breasts after childbirth or weight loss, the augmentation process can be performed together with a breast lift.

What is Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) in Men?

'Gynecomastia', commonly known as breast growth in men, which is a type of breast aesthetics, means the growth of breast tissue in men due to the lack of balance of testosterone and estrogen hormones. Gynecomastia, which can be seen in most adult males, is seen as swelling of breast tissue in men with high estrogen. It is caused by an imbalance of both hormones in men who have just started puberty and in men who are getting older. This is one of the factors affecting the psychology of the person as well as causing aesthetic problems. It is caused by an imbalance of both hormones in men who have just reached puberty and men who are advancing in age.

What is Accessory Breast Removal in Breast Aesthetics?

Accessory breast augmentation, which is one of the least known breast diseases, is the additional breast tissue that occurs outside the breast tissue. Although the accessory breast, which usually reaches the size of the armpit and hand, can be confused with breast cancer breast tissues, it does not harm health. It is observed during pregnancy, lactation and for hormonal reasons.

Tissue that is between 2% and 6% in society is more likely to be seen in women than in men. Aesthetically, it can be visually corrected with accessory breast removal surgery. There are more than one treatment method for accessory breast removal in breast aesthetics. However, it is advisable to remove the accessory breast tissue by the excision method. Depending on the size of the accessory breast, sometimes the liposuction method can benefit.

Advantages of Breast Aesthetics

  • Deformities caused by excessive weight loss and deformations are eliminated.
  • Restores the aesthetic appearance of saggy breasts caused by aging with breast lift.
  • It makes the person's body structure look proportional.
  • A person's confidence in themselves increases when they get the breast they want with breast aesthetics.
  • It helps the breasts look steeper and healthier.
  • It ensures that both breasts are symmetrical.
  • Improves the quality of life of a person with a natural-looking breast aesthetic.

Disadvantages of Breast Aesthetics

  • In breast aesthetics, it can be said that the recovery period is long, as a disadvantage of breast augmentation surgery. The rest period is longer than a week.
  • As with any surgery, there is a risk in breast aesthetics. However, with the doctor being experienced, qualified and professional, the risks during the surgery are minimized.

Who is Suitable for Breast Aesthetics?

  • It is suitable for people between the ages of 18 and 50, depending on the development of the breast tissue.
  • This age december can be stretched depending on certain deformations.
  • People who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breast,
  • Trauma to the chest or deformations in the breast due to genetic reasons.
  • People whose chest is too large, small or saggy are suitable for breast surgery.

How to Perform Breast Repair After Cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women after skin cancers. According to data from the American Cancer Society, an average of 1.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the world, and 465,000 women die from breast cancer every year. Currently, with the spread of early diagnosis of breast cancer, mortality rates due to breast cancer are decreasing and, accordingly, the life expectancy of patients is increasing. For this reason, improving the patient's quality of life after treatment for breast cancer and other types of cancer is becoming more important every day. Losing one's breast due to breast cancer adversely affects the person physically, psychologically and socially.

With breast repair, the quality of life of the person increases and accelerates the healing of the soul and body. Breast aesthetics has been recognized as the most important part of breast cancer treatment in the world in breast repair operations. Aesthetics performed after breast cancer is performed on individuals who turn 18 years of age. All aesthetic surgeries can be performed in the operation, which is approached more sensitively. The aesthetic appearance of the new breast obtained provides a natural appearance in terms of shape and structure.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Aesthetics Operation?

  • After the breast aesthetic operation, patients should pay attention to use a non-wired bra, similar to a sports bra, for 6 weeks.
  • The first doctor's examination is carried out in the 1st week, then the 10th day and then 1 month later.
  • Lie on your back while lying down and take care not to sleep face down.
  • Light movement can be done in the house, books can be read, music can be listened to, short distance walks can be done.
  • The first 3 weeks should not lift weights, swimming and heavy sports should start at least 3 weeks later.
  • Massage should be done as recommended for 3 months from the first week. Massage helps to get rid of edema by expanding the lymph channels.
  • Breast aesthetics should protect the patient from any trauma for the first 6 weeks after the operation.

What are the Prices of Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics prices vary depending on the aesthetic operation performed. In breast surgery, breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction, breast lift, male breast reduction (gynecomastia) surgery breast operations vary in price according to the preferred institution and accessory. You can call the 0549 724 90 02 line or contact Whatsapp to get detailed information about breast aesthetics operations and create an appointment.

Treatment Summary

  • Session
  • Operation Length
    1-3 hours
  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia
  • Discomfort Period
    3-7 Days
  • Back to Work
    3-7 days
  • Full Recovery
    Should Be Checked
  • Results
  • Stay in Hospital
    1 day

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