Dear Guest,

We would like to inform you about the processing of your personal data and the personal data processed by us as the “Data Controller” within the framework of our practices related to the processing of personal data and the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) as MYC İNŞAAT TAAHHÜT SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ TURİZM SAN.VE TİC.A.Ş (“MYC PARTNERS”). This text includes the clarification text related to the personal data that will be processed when you wish to benefit from our services by visiting all our group institutions and receiving services/having discussions from our service brands.

What Are Our Purposes for Processing Your Personal Data and What Personal Data Do We Process? We process your security camera footage to ensure security against possible illegal behavior and to fulfill our obligations to provide information and documents to judicial authorities and other related obligations.

For the purposes of providing services to you, drafting and executing necessary contracts, communicating with you when necessary, distinguishing your records created in our system from other visitors, conducting operational transactions, issuing invoices, receiving payments from you, determining the Services you need, benefiting from campaigns, making necessary notifications, resolving your problems and complaints when you contact us through our communication channels, contacting you when necessary, our customer satisfaction studies, using as evidence in disputes that may arise between us, fulfilling our obligations arising from legislation, fulfilling our other legal obligations towards authorized and competent public institutions and organizations, we process your identity (name surname, Turkish Republic ID number, signature) and contact information (e-mail address, telephone number, address) and customer transaction (Service contents, prices, payment details) information, legal transaction information (correspondence and file information related to dispute processes).

We process your health information (your allergies, blood sugar, pulse, surgeries, health history, past illnesses, treatments, medications used, nutrition and sleep routine, weight, height, physical characteristics such as skin, hair, nails, habits, immune characteristics, sexual health information, sports habits, addiction information, family history, profession, chronic problems, surgical intervention history) to evaluate whether you have any diseases, allergies, or other health conditions that would prevent you from receiving the Services and to determine the most suitable Service for you.

All your data can be stored externally in physical or virtual storage spaces (cloud environment, data storages, etc.) in accordance with company policies.

To Whom and For What Purposes Can We Transfer Your Personal Data? We share your personal data with our service providers in the country from whom we receive support for products and services requiring information technology or expertise, with authorized and competent public institutions and judicial authorities within the scope of our legal obligations and the exercise of our legal rights, and with our group companies due to the joint procurement of some of our services within the group companies we are affiliated with.

What is the Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Your Personal Data? We collect your personal data through automatic or non-automatic methods such as recording with security cameras, recording physical forms you fill out, recording the information you share with us or the service information into our information systems, recording your requests and complaints communicated through our communication channels, and recording your calls made with our call center.

We collect/process your personal data for the purposes of providing our Services on the legal grounds of “necessity of processing data for the conclusion and execution of a contract”, “obligation to fulfill a legal obligation”; for obligations related to our storage obligations on the legal ground of “obligation to fulfill a legal obligation”; for recording with security cameras on the legal grounds of “necessity of processing data for the legitimate interests of the data controller” and “necessity of processing and transferring data for the establishment, use, or protection of a right”; and additionally, we collect/process your health information based on your “explicit consent” as detailed in the clarification text.

What Are Your Rights? You can always apply to us regarding your rights listed in Article 11 of the Law related to your personal data processed by us. You can submit your applications to us as the Data Controller by making a written application to the address below or by sending an email from your email address registered in our system.

Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mah Işıklar Cad. No: 28 Ataşehir /İstanbul


Mersis: 0627039974800016

Explicit Consent Text for the Processing of Personal Data

Below is the explicit consent text for the processing of your health and personal data. I consent to the processing and sharing of my health and personal data with affiliated group companies as detailed in the clarification text.

Consent Text for Communication

I consent and approve the limited processing, recording, and preservation of my personal data and contact information provided during registration processes by MYC İNŞAAT TAAHHÜT SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ TURİZM SAN.VE TİC.A.Ş (MYC PARTNERS) within the scope of the purposes provided in the Clarification Text under the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, and also for sharing with group companies and brands and third parties in relation to service relationship, and for the sending of commercial electronic messages (calls, SMS, email, etc.) to me regarding all kinds of information, surveys, promotions, openings, invitations, and events, as well as other communication works promotions and informations by MYC İNŞAAT TAAHHÜT SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ TURİZM SAN.VE TİC.A.Ş (MYC PARTNERS)

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