Hair Transplant

estethica offers permanent solutions to hair loss with hair transplantation methods; It also responds to the transplantation needs of all segments in hair transplantation prices.

What is a Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the grafts with strong hair follicles taken from the donor area to the area where the hair is absent or sparse. In the 1930s, the Japanese doctor Sasagawa introduced the process of transplanting hair follicles. However, this dream, which he did not realize, came true in 1952, after an American doctor examined the transfer of hair transplantation. Until 1980, planting methods without natural results were used. Thus, the foundations for the development of today's modern methods and successful aesthetic transplant operation were laid.

21. in the XII century, the problem of hair loss in men and women is observed due to changes in weather conditions, differences in nutritional values received, changes in living conditions, and hereditary causes. As this problem is permanent; We offer hair transplant solutions that make you smile, practical, time valuable, and pain-free. The purpose of hair transplantation is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life by regaining the healthy hair of the person.

How to do Hair Transplantation?

During transplantation, the boundaries of the donor area and the area where the hair will be transplanted are determined by drawing first. Then, it performs the shaving process so that the transplantation can be done on the skin. In some cases, it is also done unshaven. Hair transplantation stages are divided into 4 parts as anesthesia application, collection and placement of grafts and mask application.

Application of Anesthesia

In order for the person to have comfortable and painless hair transplantation, spraying method is applied with painless anesthesia device to match the area to be transplanted. Since the needle is not used in the local anesthesia procedure, the person does not feel pain and the anesthesia is sent under the skin. Then, in order to increase the effect of painless anesthesia and to ensure that it lasts longer, the application of anesthesia is completed with local anesthesia.

Collection of Grafts

First, the person's hair follicle is collected individually with the help of micro motors to meet the need without distorting the shape of the donor area. Since the collected grafts are living micro-organisms, they are held in the organ transplant solution.

Placement of Grafts

The grafts are placed one by one by opening channels in the area where the roots are determined. The grafts insertion process during hair transplantation takes approximately 3 hours.

Mask Application

After the graft placement process is completed, a gold mask is applied to the donor spot. The golden mask is a product patented by estethica that allows a person to spend a more comfortable night. By reducing pain, it relaxes the person and takes him away from bandages for a while. In addition, the active ingredients in it reduce edema and provide recovery in a short time. After the transplantation procedures are finished, a session of ozone mesotherapy is applied to the person.

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