Focus Ultrasound (HIFU)

Time, gravity and other environmental factors that negatively affect skin health cause loose and saggy skin on and around the face.

What is a Focus Ultrasound (HIFU)?

The latest generation Mikro&Mikro Focused Ultrasound is a safe and effective method for non-surgical face lifts, eyebrow lifts, neck lifts and body-contour shaping. It works to tighten the skin by causing coagulation in the skin’s dermis and SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) layers. Clinically proven, the latest version of focused ultrasound technology, MF-HIFU, allows for focused soundwaves to fully reach the targeted areas and has an impressive effect on a wide range of indicators thanks to having both micro and macro focusing settings.

How Is HIFU Used?

For face lifts, the HIFU device’s head touches the patient’s skin. Different heads can ensure the penetration of focused thermal energy up to different depths (9mm, 6mm, 4.5mm, 3mm or less than 1.5mm). The required depth is determined by your doctor taking your skin’s condition, the target area and the aim of the treatment into consideration. The surface of your skin is unaffected by the treatment. The focused thermal energy increases the stimulation of new collagen production in your skin and thanks to the strength of this procedure, over time a non-surgical face lift effect is reached.

How Many Sessions Are Necessary?

HIFU normally needs only a single session. However, 2 or 3 sessions may be necessary for severe sagging.

Can Pain Be Felt During the Procedure?

Although the amount of pain felt by varies from patient to patient, patients normally describe the pain as being similar to that caused by a needle prick. This feeling is a positive sign that the focused sound waves has reached the targeted skin tissue and that the desired skin tightening will happen.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The length of the procedure varies according to the size of the treatment area. On average, a maximum of 30-45 minutes is needed to cover the entire face.

When Will the Procedure’s Result Become Visible?

The rejuvenation process begins immediately after single session - even a light lifting effect becomes visible. However, the final, clear result becomes visible after 45-60 days. The skin becomes better each day and the effects of the treatment become visible after 1 month while the final result becomes visible after 45-60 days.

Is HIFU Suitable for Me?

HIFU is suitable for everyone with loose or sagging skin on either the face or body. Focused Ultrasound achieves clear results especially on those aged 30-65.

Nevertheless, there are some situations where HIFU should not be used. These are:

  • Active skin infections, e.g. herpes.
  • People with electronic devices such as pacemakers or those with metal stents fitted.
  • Illnesses preventing cuts from healing or blood-clotting, e.g. haemophilia.
  • Autoimmune illnesses.
  • Diabetes and epilepsy
  • On children or pregnant women.

Treatment Summary

  • Number of Operations
  • Operation Time
    0-1 hour
  • Anesthesia
  • Sensibility
  • Back to Work
  • Full Recovery
    0-1 months
  • Persistence of Results
    1-2 year
  • Stay in Hospital

Attention: for informational purposes only, please consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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