Hair Mesotherapy

Hair thermotherapy and mesotheraphy go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is one of the most known and performed hair-related treatments in clinics. Before being performed, hair thermotherapy, where the hair is softened with ozonised steam, and a special head message are required. In this way, the scalp is desensitised. It has been clinically proven that mesotherapy is more painful if thermotherapy has not been performed beforehand.

After thermotherapy, a special serum containing vitamins and minerals naturally found in hair, keratolytic agents, minoxidil, a circulation booster and local anaesthetic and loaded into a ‘hair mesotherapy gun’. Linked to a computer, when the trigger is pressed, it determines how much of the serum is injected into the scalp. The computer also controls how much serum is released when the needle enters, exits or is in the skin. Once the necessary adjustments have been made, the serum is distributed across the whole of the scalp at predetermined intervals.

Hair mesotherapy can also be performed manually but it becomes impossible to apply the serum equally across the treatment area, which is why doing so with the aid of a computer is preferred. After the treatment area has been completely gone over, a special oil serum is applied and the pores close while retaining an amount of the serum. It is important for the patient not to wash, wet or apply any medication to the hair. This rule also applies to the haircare treatment pack given to take home.

Hair mesotherapy is performed over several sessions, each lasting an average of 40 minutes. The first 4 sessions are performed weekly with the final 4 performed once every 5 days. The intervals between the first 4 sessions shouldn’t exceed 11 days, while for the final 4, 22 days. It is recommended that hair mesotherapy is carried out once in September-October and again in April-May when the seasons change. This is even more important for hair transplant patients or patients at risk. Some doctors recommend their patients regularly undergo hair mesotherapy once a month.

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